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Laser Connection to the rescue!!

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Have you ever found yourself in the middle of an office emergency? For example, you find yourself running out of toner at the most inopportune time?  Or maybe the printer jams up halfway through that big report you needed this morning?!?  Or perhaps your computer crashes right in middle of a big project, bringing your productivity to a screeching halt?!?  Well have no fear good citizen, Laser Connection is here to save the day!!  Click HERE to check out our brand new ad, heard exclusively on ESPN Radio, 100.9 WLUN.  Talk about your hunky superhero!!

PC Renew

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Is your desktop computer running slower than it should be?  Tired of waiting for your bogged down laptop to boot up or load that program?  Don’t go another day with a slow PC!

Laser Connection is proud to announce our brand new PC Renew service.  Designed to help improve your computer system’s performance and increase overall speed, PC Renew can help get your machine running like new again.  And best of all for a limited time we are offering our basic PC Renew service absolutely FREE!!  Visit to learn more about this special offer and schedule your service today.

Putting Windows XP out to pasture.

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“You’ll get rid of my Windows XP computer when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!”, Tex declared.


Unfortunately for Tex, his online software that runs his business just updated their features, and he must use Internet Explorer 9 to take advantage of all of the features.  This includes basic features he really used, like copy and paste.  Sorry Tex, but it is XP “hand-chopping” time!


Windows XP was released to retail October 25, 2001, now a ten year old plus operating system.  It’s last major service pack, SP3, was released April 21, 2008.  Microsoft only extended Windows XP because of the early issues with Windows Vista, to get it closer to Windows 7 release.  And even with those issues, Vista had more built-in security than XP.  Combine that with the fact that the mechanical spinning hard drive Tex has been counting on to see him through is aging, as are the capacitors on the motherboard.  Hope Tex is using good backup software.


Time to let it go, Tex.  XP has been a good “hoss”, but you’ve ridden it a long way.  Let it retire and be free with it’s old friends Windows 3.1, 95, 98, and the weird cousin, Windows ME.


Microsoft Windows 7 is a stable, secure operating system that is built to take advantage of faster hardware, and internet capabilities.  The blazing fast speeds of the Intel’s i-series processors allows you to take advantage of Windows 7’s advanced capabilities.  And soon, Windows 8 will release as an operating system optimized for tablet and touch-screen PC’s.

The wonderful world of mobile printing.

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Friends, the future is upon us.  Gone are the days of having to be tied to your desktop PC to print a file.  No longer does your laptop need to be connected to a network or usb cable to print a photo.  Heck, you don’t even need to be in the same room, building or even the same state to print your precious documents!!


Check out this article from PC World entitled “What to Expect from Printers in 2012“.  It highlights some of the newest advances in mobile and cloud based printing, and offers some pretty interesting ideas about what might be next for printing technology.


Want to know how your office could utilize mobile and cloud based printing to increase productivity?  Click on the “Contact Us” page and drop us an email.  Our hardware specialist would love to chat with you about the latest models from HP, Lexmark, Canon, etc…, and show you how your office could benefit from the freedom of being mobile.

Could your printer be a target for hackers?

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Dude, Your Printer Is NOT Going To Catch On Fire.


There is a report out by MSNBC that some researchers from Columbia University have demonstrated a “hack” into LaserJet printers and can cause viruses to either exploit the printer as a tool, or to even make it heat up to the point of Burning Fire.


Before you buy fire extinguishers for each laser printer — which we Do sell, by the way — realize a couple of things:


1) This was done under ideal laboratory conditions by people exclusively working on this, and not by your nephew, Herman, who plays games on his PS3.

2) The LaserJet must be outside a firewall, automatically accept firmware upgrades, and your printer’s enemy must be a doctorate-level code writer who wants to burn down your office.
3) If your network is not protected by any firewall, you deserve to have your printer burst into flames. And if this was known before, don’t you think the US wouldn’t have flamed all the printers in Iran?
4) Don’t panic. The story is unfolding. Let all the facts come out before … you call us to order those fire extinguishers.


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Don’t you just love the new car smell? Or the look of a shiny new electronic … (you fill in the blank)? We do too!

Welcome to our new website and new blog! These are the first of several new initiatives here at Laser Connection that have us “Geeked”. Well, actually, more geeked than we are normally geeked anyway.

In addition to exploring our blog and website, we encourage you to sign up for your mailing list. Starting in January, you will receive news of specials, sales, “how-to’s”, and items of importance to technology users today.

Welcome. Look around. Thanks for reading and being geeked with us!