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Putting Windows XP out to pasture.

“You’ll get rid of my Windows XP computer when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!”, Tex declared.


Unfortunately for Tex, his online software that runs his business just updated their features, and he must use Internet Explorer 9 to take advantage of all of the features.  This includes basic features he really used, like copy and paste.  Sorry Tex, but it is XP “hand-chopping” time!


Windows XP was released to retail October 25, 2001, now a ten year old plus operating system.  It’s last major service pack, SP3, was released April 21, 2008.  Microsoft only extended Windows XP because of the early issues with Windows Vista, to get it closer to Windows 7 release.  And even with those issues, Vista had more built-in security than XP.  Combine that with the fact that the mechanical spinning hard drive Tex has been counting on to see him through is aging, as are the capacitors on the motherboard.  Hope Tex is using good backup software.


Time to let it go, Tex.  XP has been a good “hoss”, but you’ve ridden it a long way.  Let it retire and be free with it’s old friends Windows 3.1, 95, 98, and the weird cousin, Windows ME.


Microsoft Windows 7 is a stable, secure operating system that is built to take advantage of faster hardware, and internet capabilities.  The blazing fast speeds of the Intel’s i-series processors allows you to take advantage of Windows 7’s advanced capabilities.  And soon, Windows 8 will release as an operating system optimized for tablet and touch-screen PC’s.


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